PAMM Account

How You Can Earn Passive Income With Our PAMM Account Without You Lift A Finger To Trade Forex.

PAMM stands for “Percentage Allocated Money Manager”, this type of trading account allows investors to allocate funds to account managers, which can then be traded from a main account.

The PAMM system is mainly used in the forex market, and provides investors with the opportunity to profit from trading without having to perform technical analysis or initiate trades themselves. The Basic Idea behind the PAMM Account.

  • A Manager opens a PAMM Account and activates the account by allocating his initial investments as the Manager’s Capital. PAMM Manager Account will be unlisted from the active PAMM Rankings in case the Manager’s Capital is withdrawn. This serves as an additional motivation for the manager to demonstrate cautiousness in his trading. Then the Manager decides on his Offer, in which he lists the terms for any investor that wants to invest in his account.
  • Investors search through the PAMM Account Rankings to find the Manager they would like to invest in.

Once Investor(s) invest in a Manager’s PAMM account, the Manager will start making trades on the account using both his personal capital (Manager’s Capital) and the funds of his investor(s). Profits and losses in the account are divided amongst the manager and the investor(s) based on their share in the account.