Master Noding


  • Masternodes operated : 2000-4000, Masternoding alternating with POS Staking
  • Revenue generated for December 2021: 7.5%
    Integrated projects contributing to the yield: 19
  • Average monthly yield (last 27 months): 10%
    – this equates to an annual yield of 120% (or 213.84% compounded)


How does it work?

In addition to the advantages of the blockchain as a technology, it is possible to achieve interesting yields by providing computing power and storage space in combination with special software.

It is not Mining!

In recent years, “mining” based on proof-of-work consensus (PoW) has been very popular – especially with Bitcoin.

However, with more and more miners competing, an ever-increasing technology investment is required, along with an ever-increasing amount of energy.

This has made mining significantly less profitable than it once was, and can often be unprofitable when electricity costs are considered. More pertinently, the impending “halving” of Bitcoin will instantly reduce mining returns by 50%!

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